Friday, October 25, 2013

For Future Generations: The Gift of Children

It is amazing that God chose to place a gift of sweet innocence, that is totally dependant, into the arms of two selfish, usually immature and sometimes undependable people. God ordained that fragile babies be placed in the inexperienced hands of new parents. Doesn't He know how easily we could damage their little bodies, minds and hearts? Of course He knows and He still decided that the best soil to grow children in is a family. He could've had us all arrive on Earth fully grown like Adam & Eve but he didn't.  It would seem then that parents are the ones that are the gift from God. What would the tiny bits of humanity do without us? We as parents are necessary for our children's survival but scripture doesn't refer to us as the gift but instead their little selves.
Children are truly a gift from God. We their parents do not deserve their adoration, unfailing love and ready forgivness. If we will open our souls to the gift of children we  have an opportunity to see an example of our Father's love for us by receiving the unconditional love of our small children. Nurturing our children has the possiblity of changing and growing us  emotionally and spiritually.